Posted by: armedbear1746 | November 22, 2009

Tip of the Day: Chopping Food

How to chop food quickly and safely

Perhaps, I should have posted this tip before recommending a good set of knives, but alas, better late than never.
The fast chopping skills displayed by TV chefs never fail to impress me. After some practice, it’s easy.

First, grip your knife just above the heel for maximum control. Your thumb and first finger should be on either side of the blade (but not UNDER) and the rest of the hand on the handle. (this works best with the average larger Chef’s knife)

Use a rocking action with a slight push forward as the knife comes down.

Tuck your fingers in and your knuckles will provide an edge with which to safely guide your knife. Just try not to raise the knife up too high or, in the very LEAST, you’ll fail to enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

Also, It helps to cut veggies in half first; the flat surface means they won’t roll away.


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