Posted by: armedbear1746 | December 9, 2009

Obama: Spend our way to better economy

Say WHAT????     Does this guy have ANY link to REALITY????   Does he REALLY think that if they put more money in the coifers that it will pick the economy up?

I’ve been saying awhile that things aren’t adding up.   Using Liberal Math, 2+2= 5, not 4.

Let’s think about it like this:

1.  Unemployment is UP.

2.  Gold is UP

2A.  Gold is not up because there is less gold, Gold is up because it takes more U.S. Dollars to buy the same amount of gold.  Which means:  The U.S. dollar is worth LESS.

3.  Consumer confidence is DOWN (if it was up, there would be MORE holiday spending instead of LESS), hence, Profits are DOWN.

4.  Foreclosures are UP.

5.  Taxes are going UP.

Using the above notes, that means the market should be down, but it hovers above 10,000.   Things aren’t adding up.  In short, Something stinks in the refrigerator, and I have yet to find out exactly what it is.

If we Americans ran our house-hold budgets (and businesses, for that matter) like Obama and the Democrats in Congress run the nation,  We would ALL be bankrupt and being repossessed (AND in JAIL).   Let’s do a little repossessing ourselves come this next election and maybe (just MAYBE) we can yank America out of its downward spiral.


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