Posted by: armedbear1746 | January 7, 2010

Incredible Taco Night

My wife had recently suggested that we do a weekly “Taco Night”.  Even though I’m half mexican, I HATE Mexican food (but that’s another story for another time, perhaps).  However, I don’t mind tacos.  I made these and OMG!!!!!  Taco night will become a staple in our household.

Also, When/if I ever own a restaurant, this recipe will be on the menu!

Doc Zoidbergs Incredible Tacos
1 lb Ground beef or chuck
x x Taco Shells
1 packet FAJITA seasoning (not TACO seasoning)
1/4 cup Water (for above mentioned fajita seasoning)
x x Lettuce
1 /2 bunch Cilantro
x x Chipotle Sauce ( see Blog Authors Note #1 )
x x Mozzerella Cheese (YES, i used Mozzerella and it was GREAT)

Put your ground beef in a skillet to brown and add your Water/Fajita seasoning mix. After nearly all the water has boiled out (and the meat is DONE), put in a serving bowl.

While your beef is browning, chop your cilantro and mix in with your lettuce.

Next, everyone just pretty much puts together their own taco.. Shell, Beef, Lettuce, Cheese, Chipotle Sauce ( again, see Note #1 ). These are NOT your average Tacos!!

Blog Authors Note #1: The Chipotle hot sauce that i used was actually pretty mild, but had a flavor that went GREAT with the Cilantro/Lettuce mix!  It was Chipotle TABASCO Sauce (EXCELLENT!)


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