Posted by: armedbear1746 | January 12, 2010

Pad Thai Glazed Ribs

It’s just something that I threw together but WOW, it WAS GOOD!!   There’s no measured ingredients, but if you’re any kind of cook at all, have faith in your taste buds!

Pad Thai Glazed Ribs

1/4 cup or so of Oyster Sauce

1/8 cup or so of Pad Thai sauce

Couple of Table Spoons of Rice wine vinegar

Couple of Teaspoons of Hot Chili Sauce (if you like some heat to it)

5 spice powder

Ribs (I got pork ribs, you can get what you want)

Turn your oven on to bake at 350 f.   sprinkle the 5-spice powder on your ribs and put them in the oven till the ribs are almost done.   Pull out the ribs and put the mixture of the first 3-4  ingredients  on your ribs and turn your oven to it’s “Braise” or “Broiler” setting.   Put the ribs back in and let the sauce crust up.  I usually pull them back out for a slathering once or twice before being done.

When I pulled these ribs out, there was INCREDIBLE color to them!  Almost as good to look at as to eat!


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