Posted by: armedbear1746 | January 30, 2010

A word on Vegan-ism

I don’t mean to sound insulting, but I think Vegan-ism is a border-line mental disease.   I mean: how OCD is it that someone has to completely abhor something that has a minute amount of beef or chicken broth (or milk products, for that matter) in it.   To go as far as eating something like Soy Burgers???!!!!   Soy BURGERS????!!!!!!  PULEEEEZE!!!

There is a reason we have those canine teeth in the front right and left quadrants of our mouths.  They are for tearing MEAT, not lettuce!!    I would venture to say that most vegans probably believe in evolution.  “Where IS he going with this?” you might ask yourself. If vegans believe in evolution and we have evolved with these teeth, then it would be logical to say that being a Vegan is counter-productive to your evolutionary beliefs.

I, for one, am almost strictly carnivore and I VERY RARELY EVER get sick.    In the words of a famous comedian, “What am I doing to protect the environment?  Cow farts cause greenhouse gasses.  I’m doing my part by eating the cows!”

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box for now.



  1. You know, if you thought about it you’d realize that you will never succeed in building yourself up by tearing others down.

    Aside from your tooth argument being completely misinformed you also completely and totally meant to be insulting with this post – and that’s exactly why you started off with “I don’t mean to sound insulting, but”. So you point out to 4 meager canine teeth in our mouths…out of 32. That’s 12.5%. Do you limit your meat intake to 12.5% of your food intake? Compare with the teeth of a real canine…no question theirs were made to tear raw meat – 100%. Meat does not naturally grow in supermarkets, cooked, falling off the bone. Why don’t you go in the forest and run after a deer and try to kill it with your canine teeth?

    You are also wrong about vegans being evolutionists. I am vegetarian/vegan and all of my friends who are too, are very spiritual people, who see God not only in humans but in everything that surrounds us, including animals and plants and every living thing. And since you are obviously a believer, too, why don’t you look at the Bible and what it says in the Genesis, where God gives Adam and Eve permission to eat “every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed”. Hey, that sounds like God’s original intention for Adam and Eve was that they be vegan!! And that was in Heaven…a place which our Earth once was, and here we are now… It never ceases to amaze me how people talk without thinking, like you. You know, when I picture God or Jesus, I don’t see either of them with a knife, butchering an animal, spilling blood. God is Love, and I mean true Love. The picture of an animal being slaughtered and dismembered for purposes of indulgence, blood squirting everywhere, the pig/sheep/cow screaming with horror as they feel the blade of the knife slicing through their throat…I think this sounds more like Hell to me….which is right where this whole world on a path to unless we all finally wake up and realize that eating the flesh of another conscious being, another creation of God, is nothing more or less than simply killing and eating our own selves. Oh wait, maybe we should follow the example of cannibals and start eating ourselves next. Sounds like pure heaven to me…does it to you? How about you go in the pot first…I’ll join the tribe that respects and nurtures God’s creations in the face of the Earth and all living creatures on it.

    Shame on you, for practically talking out of your ass. Maybe you should stuff that with some ground meat too. “I don’t mean to sound insulting”, I actually hope you’ll wake up and smell the “cow farts”.

    • You must think I’m a Democrat because according to you, I say one thing and mean another. I started OUT the post saying that it wasn’t my intention to be insulting, and that is TRUE. Just because you are overly sensitive, doesn’t mean I was insulting.

      You are correct about me being wrong: I mis-wrote about the canine teeth. Actually the full front half of teeth (uppers and lowers) are meant for tearing and eating meat: from the Incisors to the Canines. Doing your math, that is 38% of teeth meant for meat. Do you limit YOUR vegetable intake to 62% ?

      “Meat does not naturally grow in supermarkets, cooked, falling off the bone. Why don’t you go in the forest and run after a deer and try to kill it with your canine teeth?”
      First of all, you’re very perceptive that meat doesn’t grow in the supermarkets, but neither does vegetables. Who knew??? I don’t have to run after deer and kill it with my canine teeth. That’s why God made us the “Masters of all creatures of the earth”, I have a gun (EWW, an evil GUN!!) to do that job for me.

      re: the evolution comment: Please understand that in my political postings, I have to speak in generalities. I realize that not EVERY vegan believes in evolution. But let me explain my thought process. I dare say most vegans vote democrat (a fair assumption), a large number of democrats probably believe in evolution, therefore it must follow that a large number of vegans probably believe in evolution. I could stand outside our local organic food store (which has an EXCELLENT spice selection, btw) with an opinion poll and I’ll bet you that my theory pans out.

      What in my post makes you think that I am a Believer? I AM, but there is absolutely nothing in my initial post that would lead you to draw such a conclusion.

      Speaking of believing and your “Why don’t you look at the Bible” routine. You have to be careful when you point at the Bible and a verse or two to back up your claims. It can be a double edged sword if you haven’t read the whole thing. Granted, I have not read the whole thing, but my brother-in-law is a Minister at one of our local churches. He told me that in the New Testament, God declares all meats clean to eat. Doesn’t sound like we were meant to be vegans, does it?? Sure, Genesis DOES say what you said. But we go by the New Testament now. The reason the 10 Commandments still apply is because they are reaffirmed in the New Testament. Eph 5 talks about sexual immorality, James talks about murder, 1st Corinthians talks about Idol worship, etc et al. One of the things that is undone in the New testament is EATING MEAT!

      And you talked about picturing God or Jesus and neither one of them holding a knife. Have you ever heard about ANIMAL SACRIFICES??!! God required them in the Old Testament! Heck, God was testing Abraham when He told him to sacrifice his only son on the altar! During PassOver, God required the Jews to put the blood of a lamb (a CUTE LITTLE LAMB!!) over their door post. Jesus ate meat in the New Testament. Don’t forget that Jesus fed the masses with Fish and bread. It doesn’t sound like either one of them was a vegan.

      It is obvious you are WAAAAYYY off in left field when you equate enjoying a steak to cannibalism, so i’m not even going to bother to reply to that.

      I will close by actually vindicating you. If you are a vegan and truly believe that it is wrong to eat meat, then for you: it IS wrong to eat meat. If you go against what you believe, you are not sinning against God, but yourself.

      BAM!!! CHECKMATE!!

  2. In the end we choose not only what to eat but also what/who to believe in. So in the end it is ultimately our choice about everything we do and think in life. In support of veganomous I would add that our digestive system is a lot more like a cow than a dog or a cat. And horses, like us, have front teeth using for cutting grass, so I would take veganomous’s % as the accurate one.

    Anyway, it is up to us what we put in our bodies for food and what food productions practices we support by doing so.

    • Meaty Cow, good post. Thanks. We’ll agree to disagree on the percentages.

      But to use Veg’s own point against him/her: does he/she limit her veggie intake to 87.5%? Doesn’t really matter because of the “vindication” part of my reply to him/her.

  3. Just a note, please don’t think that all vegans are spiritual!!
    I am a vegan atheist. I dont believe in god, I believe in animal rights.
    It is not OCD, its just in my POV, 1 less person buying something with an animal product in it, means less demand, so its gotta count for something, right? My entire family are omnivores so I don’t judge and don’t push my opinions on to anyone else, you choose to eat meat thats your business, what I don’t appreciate is people pushing their omni/carni opinions onto me, I respect your choice, you respect mine.
    Also- the health benefits from being vegan are plentiful, partly due to dropping fatty foods like dairy, and also because we don’t eat much processed food, I am happy to say I haven’t had so much as a cold since my turning.

    • Using the “Thought Processes” from my above replies, I am under no illusion that all vegans are spiritual. It is your right to be an atheist.

      I understand and respect your convictions, and Yes, I guess it does have to count for something.

      Re: health benefits… I can’t say as I know very many vegans, but I CAN say that all the vegans I know have a slightly sickly look to them. Almost like they aren’t getting enough of SOMETHING. I’m no nutritionist, so I couldn’t say what that is, but I suspect it’s an animal protein of some sort.

      who knows…

      Good post though. Thanx

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