Posted by: armedbear1746 | February 6, 2010

SuperBowl Week (Day 6) – Cheesy Garlic Bread

The name says it all!!   You can do it with or without the cheesy part.  There are advantages to both!  We’ll talk about the advantages after we check out the recipe.

Garlic Bread  (Cheesy or Not Cheesy)

– any amount of French Bread, sliced

– Butter or EVOO (Extra Virg. Olive Oil, thank you Rachel Ray)

– Fresh Garlic, minced

– paprika

– chili powder

– Mozzarella Cheese (the optional part) – See  Note

Lay out your slices of french bread on a cookie sheet,  coat bread with a layer of your choice of the Butter or Olive Oil, Spread a healthy amount of minced Garlic.  (If making Cheesy Breads, obviously add the Cheese here)

– If you’re making breads WITHOUT the cheese, lightly sprinkle the Paprika and Chili Powder to add flavor and a WONDERFUL color to the breads.

– If you’re making Cheesy Breads, you may wish to forgo the Paprika & Chili Powder, or go ahead and put it on there for the heck of it.

Bake at 300 until cheese is melted or bread is lightly done, and ENJOY!

Blog Authors Note: As I said above, if you make regular Garlic Breads, the Paprika and Chili powder add some great color and zing to the breads.  If you REALLY want to add some zing, lightly sprinkle some cayenne on them.    If you do cheesy breads, they will never see the colors so it won’t matter other than flavor.


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