Posted by: armedbear1746 | June 14, 2010

Million/Billion (why think small?) Dollar Idea

Some ideas come to me in bits and pieces. I mull them over like a fine wine, not really knowing that I’m formulating an idea. Then the two idea wires cross each other and I get a spark, a spark that makes my heart skip a beat (maybe I oughta have that checked out… hmm) and I get that brow-furrowing feeling that I am onto something that could completely change my life with some hard work.

And then there are those people who simply have the “VIOLA!” moments.

Luckily, I fall in the first category. It makes those ideas more meaningful. But with any idea worth pursuing, there are logistical problems. But let’s think small right now, until I know the idea works. After a few weeks of testing, I might need to consult a lawyer on a few entrepreneurial matters. Who knows, maybe things might take off and I have warehouses all over moving my products. I know, I know…. Think small for now!!

I figure it only a few ways it could end up.

1. Somebody has already thought of it.
2. Somebody has already thought of it and I’m just creating my own little niche in the market.
3. Nobody has thought of it, but it’s a really crappy time to start any business endeavors in this economy.
4. Nobody has thought of it, and you only have one life so go for it.


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