Posted by: armedbear1746 | August 15, 2010

Tri-States Manifesto

As advocates and supporters of the TRI-STATE PHILOSOPHY, we believe:

• That freedom, like respect, is earned and must be constantly nurtured and protected from
those who would take it away.
• In the right of every law-abiding citizen to protect his or her life, liberty, and personal property
by any means at hand without fear of arrest, criminal prosecution, or law-suit. The right to bear
arms is central to maintaining true personal freedom.
• That liberal politicians, theorists, and socialists are the greatest threat to freedom- loving
Americans and that their misguided efforts have caused grave injustices in the fields of criminal
law, education, and public welfare:
Therefore in respect to criminal law:

An effective criminal justice system should be guided by these basic tenets:
–Our courts must stop pampering criminals
–The punishment must fit the crime
–Justice must be fair but also be swift and, if necessary, harsh
–There is no perfect society only a fair one

Therefore in respect to education:

Education is the key to solving problems in the society and the lack of it is the ROOT CAUSE of
America’s decline.
An effective system of Education:

–Must stress hard discipline along with arts, sciences, fine music, and basic
skills in reading, writing, and mathematics
–Must teach fairness and respect
–Must teach morals, the dignity of labor, and the value of family

Therefore in respect to welfare:

Welfare (we prefer workfare) is reserved only for the elderly, infirm, and those who need a
temporary helping hand and the welfare system must also:

–Instill the concept of honest work for honest pay
–Instill the concept that everyone who can work must work and be forced
to work if necessary
–Instill the concept that there is no free lunch and that being productive
citizens in a free society is the only honorable path to take

• That racial prejudice and bigotry are intolerable in a free and vital society

–No one is worthy of respect simply because of the color of their skin.
–Respect is earned by actions and by deeds, not by birthright.
–There are only two types of people on earth, decent and indecent.
Those who are decent will flourish, and those who are not will perish.
–No laws laid down by a body of government can make one person like

• A free and just society must be protected at all costs even if it means shedding the blood of its
citizens. The willingness of citizens to lay down their lives for the blief in freedom is a cornerstone
of true democracy; without that willingness the structure of society will surely crumble and fall into
the ashes of history.


–Along with the inalienable rights to bear arms, and the inalienable rights
to personal protection, a strong skilled, and well-equipped military is
essential to maintaining a free society.
–A strong military eliminates the need for “allies,” allowing the society
to focus on the needs of its citizens.
–The business of citizens is not the business of the world unless the
rights of the citizens are infringed upon by outside forces.
–The duty of those who live in a free society is clear, personal freedom
is not negotiable.


We who support the Tri-State Philosophy and live by its code and its laws pledge to defend it by
any means necessary. We pledge to work fairly and justly to build and maintain a society in which
all citizens are truly free and are able to pursue productive lives without fear and without


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