About us

I have named my blog “The Soup Kettle” because there is a little bit of everything in it:  Recipes, Politics, Movie Reviews (cooking movies, of course), etc.

I have to describe the Cooking side of this blog as a “Man’s Cooking Blog”, as most of the dishes are meat dishes, grilled items, etc.  There is nothing Hoity-Toity about my food.   If you have more mixing bowls than napkins,  this probably isn’t gonna be your favorite blog.

Like so many people,  I didn’t have a great interest in cooking until I got married.  My wife is nearly a vegetarian (that AIN’T gonna work!!!!!), so I cook my own stuff and I’m DAMN good at it!!   Even though my wife is mostly veggie-tarian, She’s always coming over and tasting (and loving) what I’m cooking.   AND she’s also been known to eat a delicious steak with me.

She’s always been supportive with my cooking, pushing me to open up a restaurant, pushing me to go to the Culinary Institute of America (I think she just wants to move near NYC).   My co-workers and neighbors know that if they want good food, come see ME!

FYI,  Some of my recipes are mine or from my family, but alot of them are recipes that I’ve cut-n-pasted from the internet oblivion into my own personal recipe book.  I wish I could give kudos (and credit) to the originator, but alas, I cannot.


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